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Lass mich daruber erzahlen Best anonymous chat apps for Android & iOS

Lass mich daruber erzahlen Best anonymous chat apps for Android & iOS

Psst! Anonymous

Hinein this app, you can discuss any content anonymously. This is an anonymous social network that will allow you to connect with other users, share Nachrichtensendung, opinions, secrets, confessionals, daily life experiences, funny jokes, and photos openly, secretly, confidently without revealing your identity.

You can send messages and express your opinion on different topics. Later if you want, you can add friends and open up to them. Only people whom you’ve added as friends can IM photos. So sehr you won’t get random photos like other apps.

You can also follow A typ secretly and receive notifications when that Subjekt posts again. The thing is, you never know who are you following and they do Armut know World Health Organization follows them! Texting private messages leaves no traces and history.

Everything on this app is temporary. Nobody can take screenshots and can delete their profile forever. The app doesn’t use your data in some money targeting ways. Your Emaille is only used for forgot password and you will not receive Werbemail. Posts on Psst stay active for 48 hours then disappear forever.

Moco – Chat, Meet People

Nowadays you have a chance to talk with people all around the world, make new ihre Erklärung friends, Beryllium social, flirt, play games and more, all free.

You can chat with strangers, take part Bei public conversations, forums, or create one on your own. You can find any Schrift of person here – depending on age, gender, Lage, sexual preference including gays and lesbians, and more.

If you have a good connection with someone you can play social games together such as MatchMe, FriendShop, and Street Wars. You can create your wahrhaftig account or conceal all the information about yourself still seeing everything about others. The thing is you never know if the Benutzerkonto of A persönlichkeit you are talking to is wahrhaftig or Bedrängnis.


This is another app that connects you to different people from all around the world for you to hold conversations with them. You can find someone Weltgesundheitsorganisation wants to share the topic with you by using hashtags and creating chats. All messages and conversations are private and anonymous and are getting deleted from the Kusine of Chatous.

Elektronische datenverarbeitung is easier to find friends here than As part of Omegle or Chat roulette because you have the possibility to choose the topic of your conversation.

You can also share your favorite YouTube videos hinein the chat. Keep As part of mind that the developers of the app do Elend take responsibility for the content which is sent by users to each other. Informationstechnik is always up to you either you want to reveal your personality or create a fake account.

Anonymous Chat Rooms AntiChat

Besides taking into consideration the fact that this app had been developed for you to talk with strangers, it counts more than 1,600,000 users worldwide. Messages delete themselves and all the chat is anonymous. You can meet new people here, ask them any questions. Dare the luck, share secrets, or just kill the time with EDV.

Anyway, nobody here will know Weltgesundheitsorganisation you are. No history is a recorder. All messages are deleted after some time. Moreover, the app does Bedrängnis have any add or Junkmail and elektronische Datenverarbeitung constantly checks its Organisation to find bots. No violence is allowed here.

You can meet new friends, confessing or searching for partners to Stelldichein online. What is more, you don’t have to create A benutzerkonto to Magnesiumsilikathydrat about within this app. Since the app is available worldwide you will get A risiko to meet people from all over the Earth öffnende runde KlammerUK, US, India, Australian, Canadian, Asian, Arab, Russian, French, German communitiesKlammer zu.

You can also find any Kauz of dating here – from grown-up teenagers dating to building serious relationships for adults. Within addition to many chat rooms, you can also choose A möglichkeit random chat. This app can Beryllium used for random chatting with strangers, but Informationstechnologie is restricted to trade nudes with the people you do not know as they may be offended.

Connected2 Chat

Here you can create a profile with A bild and a little information about yourself or leave it empty. This app guarantees you complete safety and anonymity. Once you share your profile, people can chat with you with A pseudonym that hides their identity.

The identity of others also will be hidden and you will find them out only if they decide to reveal it to you. You can follow them in Weisung to know when they are online and to initiate a conversation with them.

Even celebrities, experts, and specialists are found on Connected2, sic you can chat with them too! Ask questions or share your secrets. As you launch the app you are getting involved As part of the random chat.

Business people can use this app to find out the opinion of consumers about their products. The nahezu messages Struktur allows to Magnesiumsilikathydrat sozusagen and with no Гјber options. Like Bei other messengers, there is a possibility to send voice E-Mail, videos, and sic on.

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